As tulipas negras não existem!!

... porém acho que toda a gente pensa que sim!

A guia que ia connosco para Keukenhof entre a história longínqua e com revezes entre enriquecimentos e falências disse-nos que não tentássemos encontrar tulipas negras porque elas não existem. Fiquei com a informação mas quando cheguei a "casa" (destes nove dias de férias), fui investigar... não agora não fui ao Google mas ao "moderno" CHAT GTP. 

Aqui está o que ele me disse:


Pergunta: Do black tulips really exist?
Resposta do ChatGPT:

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a "black tulip" or "black tulipa". While there are many different cultivars of tulips, ranging in color from white and yellow to pink, red, and purple, black is not a common color for tulips.

There are some tulips that are very dark in color, such as "Queen of Night" which is a deep burgundy or "Black Parrot" which is a dark purple with fringed edges. However, these tulips are not truly black.

It's possible that the idea of a black tulip has been perpetuated in popular culture or folklore, but in reality, a completely black tulip does not exist.

However, there are some artificially created black tulips that have been bred using genetic modification or selective breeding techniques. These tulips have been created by enhancing or suppressing certain pigments in the tulip petals to create a darker color, but they are not naturally occurring. These black tulips are often very rare and expensive due to the difficulty of creating them.


Realmente, falta-lhe o "quase"!


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